Alonzo Khouaja

Lead Pastor

Alonzo is the lead pastor of Bright Field Church and is responsible for teaching, vision, overseeing the staff, developing leaders, and caring for the church. He was previously a staff pastor at Foundation Church in Normal, IL and started Bright Field with a team of people in 2018. Alonzo is married to his wife Olivia who works as a CPA.

Dion Wooley

Staff Pastor/Youth Leader

Dion came on staff in 2021 and is responsible for overseeing student involvement and our Sunday serving teams. He also serves as the youth leader for middle school and high school students. Dion is married to his wife, Kerstin, who works as a Vet Tech.

Jonny Lee

Worship Leader

Jonny is the main worship leader and is responsible for leading the church in worship and leading the band musically. Jonny is married to his wife Faith who works as a middle school teacher.

Kristen Woodside

Kids Director

As the Kids Director, Kristen is responsible for coordinating and implementing a creative curriculum, developing friendly and well-trained volunteers, and organizing interactive classrooms for the kids of Bright Field.

Kyle Mason

Bookkeeper / Office Administrator

Kyle is the Office Administrator and Bookkeeper. He is responsible for administrative duties and organizing the church finances. Kyle is married to his wife Daria who works as a Speech and Language Pathologist.