A Church For Students


We know college can be busy, and moving away from home can be an overwhelming experience, but God often uses these years to build you into the person you will be for the rest of your life.

At Bright Field, we don't have a separate student ministry. We're a church for students. We hope you'll find the authentic friendships and real encounters with God to be among your best experiences while in DeKalb.

On Campus

We know how stressful a full day of classes can be, so we love being on campus regularly just to serve students at NIU and Kishwaukee College. If you're in a rush and between classes, feel free to stop by and grab a granola bar, cup of coffee, or whatever else we're handing out.

College Small Groups

The best way to get involved is to join one of our college small groups. Groups typically consist of 8-12 people and meet weekly in one of the member's apartments. During this time, you'll share a meal, discuss relevant Bible topics intended to help you grow and live out your faith, and have a chance to pray for one another. Those that are involved in a small group often form real, lasting friendships. You can check out our college small groups by clicking on the button below.

Events &Hangouts

We’ve always got something going on for students. Whether it’s pizza and movie nights, sand volleyball, flag football, or anything else our students think up, there’s no shortage of stuff to do to hang out with fun people. Some of the events will be posted in our calendar, but most hangouts just happen through relationships with those involved in small groups. Feel free to email one of our staff pastors, Dion Wooley, by clicking below.

Contact Us

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